Monday, January 21, 2008

Growing Up

How time flies. I am now more than 7 months old! Now that I’m older, I get to do more interesting things. And I am going to tell you all about them!

Firstly, I got to eat “adult” food when I was 6 months old. Ok not really adult food, but solid food. Hey I still love my milk but it wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit more variety right? Mummy started me on cereals. I wasn’t used to the taste and texture at first and I puked a few times. But after some days and foods, like bananas and honeydew, I was HOOKED. Now I look forward to my morning cereals, afternoon snack and evening porridge eagerly. Yum! Yum!

I am an extremely satisfied customer. My actions speak for themselves :)

The second thing I’d like to tell (or rather, show) is that I can now sit unassisted since three weeks ago. This is me playing happily on my “Little” Grand-aunt’s bed. Hee hee just for your information, I puked on the bed on the 2 different occasions I played there. And then there's this macho picture of yours truly after I ripped out my romper like Hulk Hogan!

Besides sitting unassisted, I can now crawl! Initially I “crawled” like a frog. What’s that you say? You see, at the time I hadn't mastered the coordination of crawling yet, so I get on all fours and sort of propel myself forward. Cool huh? But I am getting the hang of it though – I now can crawl on all fours, hunting ants for snacks. Yum! And just 2 weeks ago, I can pull myself up and stand on my own (supported by the cot of course). It’s tiring, yes, but the satisfaction is priceless :)

Then Daddy and Mummy brought me to swim after a 2-month break. I was a bit apprehensive at first, the water being so cold and all. But after a while, I started to relax a little and began to take it in my stride. See me in little Kiev’s swimming float. This is the life I tell you. Now all I need are some grapes and a couple of bikini-clad babes.

Finally, my little teeth are coming out! I have 2 little pieces of ivory spouting from my lower jaw. Haha the love-bites that I always give Daddy and Mummy have just gotten more interesting. Bye bye for now.