Thursday, September 27, 2007

Later Than Late

Event no. 8
Gong Gong and Por Por came back from their holiday in Australia. And you know what that means huh: goodies for Isaiah! True enough, they minted this medallion and bought a kangaroo doll that sings “Waltzing Matilda”. And you guessed correctly – nothing for Daddy and Mummy. Never mind, I can always let them listen to “Waltzing Matilda” whenever I feel like it.

Event no. 9
Mummy is at it again. Buying-spree for Isaiah! Haha. She bought some books and clothes for me. Mostly imported stuff ok. Don’t play play huh. Daddy also kindly “contributed” his sweat-toiled $100 IPPT money for Mummy’s war chest. I’m going to make sure he clears his IPPT when he goes back for reservist in November so that Mummy can buy more stuff for me ;). Giddy-up Daddy!No photos of Mummy's conquests as they're all being kept as I've kindly given up my room to Shu Shu.. One more playmate for me!

Event no. 10
Isaiah waffles! Isaiah-what, you ask? Well Mummy was giving me my massage one morning after my bath when suddenly the Z-monster hit. I fought and fought but my valiant efforts were in vain. I succumbed to the Z-monster’s magic – I fell asleep while during the massage (Mummy likes to think I liked her massage so much that I fell asleep). And when I woke up, I had these waffle-like marks on my tummy. DELICIOUS.

For your info, Daddy just got a call from Mummy this morning to tell him that I fell asleep during a massage again. Luckily no more Isaiah waffles cos I peed on the rubber sheet yesterday and it had to be washed ;)

Event no. 11
Final event for this super-duper long entry: Isaiah slept through the night! Yes that’s right. After 3 long months, I finally gave Daddy and Mummy their full night’s rest. It took a lot of trial and error but think they finally got the secret formula correct! With the exception of Saturday night (I had a rather exciting evening that day and hence was a bit jumpy), I managed to sleep through the night from Wed to Sun! Daddy and Mummy are crossing their fingers, legs and eyes, hoping that this is a sign of things to come. May the force be with Daddy and Mummy. (footnote: it isn't.. I'm back to my 'nonsense' as Daddy n Mummy put it.. Try harder Daddy and Mummy!)

Newsflash - Guess who this is??

More updates coming up..

Saturday, September 15, 2007

LATE! part II

Event no. 4
Have you ever seen 16 babies in 1 HDB flat? You haven’t? What mountain tortoises you are! Haha. It was actually a gathering organized by Mummy’s forum friends. Even Aunty Charmaine’s neighbours were pleasantly shocked at the sheer number of babies gathered at her house. It was a really fun event – there was plenty of milk and cuddles for the babies plus good food for the adults. Not to forget the great scenery that Aunty Charmaine’s house has. What more can a little baby ask for?

Event no. 5
You know what? I am a big brother now. At the tender age of 2 months+. Uncle Cecil and Aunty Fern just had a little baby – Kiev. No he’s not Russian lah silly. We visited Kiev when he was about 2 weeks old. He is so small compared to me. Was I ever THAT small? (Mummy's waiting patiently for Uncle Cecil to send her e pics I took with little Kiev :P) Who cares? I have a new playmate now! Only problem is that Kiev stays at Sengkang (aka Johor according to Daddy) while I stay at Bukit Batok. Looks like I’d have to badger Daddy and Mummy to drive down to “Johor” more often ;P

Event no. 6
Mummy went on a toy-buying spree for me. She spent more than $400 on my stuff! Ok ok not all for me lah. She bought a (pink??) Leap-pad for Kiev but hey, the rest were all spent on me! Think she’s in the grand finals of the “Who Bought the Most Toys for Baby” contest with Athan’s Daddy. At the rate she’s going, I’m going to have more toys than Daddy in no time at all! Daddy needs to top up his toy collection really soon (hint hint). Pictures of ALL her purchases will be shown in e later posts.. =) Mummy's too busy tempting me with them to take pictures!

Event no. 7
Uncle Cecil and Aunty Fern also invited us down for Kiev’s full month celebration. But Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me shopping with Yee Yee before going down to “Johor”. Yee Yee also bought me Mr Tortoise. Woo-hoo! Isn’t he almost as cute as me?

LATE! part I

Things are getting out of hand. 1 MONTH LATE! What were Daddy and Mummy doing all these while??? [Oh ya looking after me] Plus the irritating M* broadband is so darn reliable that it takes forever to upload 1 photo. Oh well. Let me list down the ‘major’ events’ that happened the past month, starting with National Day:

Event no. 1
We started National Day by going out for breakfast with Aunty Yixin, Uncle Ah Heng and little Claire at West Mall. Mmm… Burger King. I’m going to eat some of those croissant-wiches when I get my very own teeth :D. After breakfast, we went over to Gong Gong and Por Por’ place, where we spent the rest of the day. I discovered a new toy – the play gym. I never thought I’d find those dangling coloured cottonballs so interesting. Even Starlight wanted a piece of those things.

Event no. 2
The next day started early too (actually all our days start latest 7am ever since my arrival). Daddy and Mummy brought me to a faraway land called ‘Tampines’, where the three kingdoms of IKEA, Courts and Giant are situated. IKEA was fun with all the good food and colourful furniture. Too bad Daddy couldn’t find anything nice for our house. Our new house is desperately I need of storage space for HIS toys. He’d better get more storage to put MY toys too! Courts was a wee bit quiet. Daddy and Mummy took the lift up and down several times before leaving. Think they were lost in that huge kingdom. We didn’t visit Giant because Daddy and Mummy found it too cumbersome to cross the road that separated it from the other 2 kingdoms. And they said I was lazy. Sheesh.
I was sleepy after visiting these 3 kingdoms and I thought we were going home after that. Who knows Mummy wanted to go to this place called ‘Century Square’. Strange. The place didn’t look like 100 years old at all. Management must have been a diligent lot. There, while Daddy was eating his $4 roti prata, we met little Ian. Another potential playmate! To top off the day, Uncle Jason came to visit me. And you know what? I was the first baby he ever carried in his whole life! Give that man a jug of milk!

Event no. 3
And then on 11 Aug, we went to the museum.

You should see Daddy’s excited look. While we were getting out of the car, some uncle wanted to borrow my MacClaren stroller for his convertible photoshoot. No way am I going to lend him my ride. Not unless that nice aunty in bikini asks me nicely *wink*. The museum was a very interesting place. I looked was really fascinated. I will definitely come again when I’m old enough to understand all those words.

After the museum trip, we went to Takashimaya where we met Grandpa Samat, Aunties Hongzheng and Yiling for lunch. Yummy!

Mor events coming up in the next post... stay tuned!