Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

Daddy celebrated his first Father's Day over the weekend. What a memorable weekend it was! My confinement nanny had to go home over the weekend due to some unforeseen circumstances. So it was down to good ol' Daddy and Mummy.

Let's start with Saturday. It was mainly uneventful during the day. Gong Gong and Por Por offered to help Daddy and Mummy but I was such a good boy that Daddy and Mummy declined the help cos they thought they can look after me by themselves. So they shooed Gong Gong and Por Por to enjoy their Saturday. I was such a good boy that day that Daddy and Mummy even let me play with my new bouncer and toys! Cool.
I also made a new friend that day. Aunty Yixin and her daughter, cute cute Claire, came to visit us on Saturday . Claire's only a few months older than me but I look so puny next to her! I'm going to sign up with Califonia Fitness soon I tell you. I didn't really talk much to her cos I'm so zonked out. Jetlag lah. Luckily for Daddy and Mummy, I only woke up twice for supper during the night.

Daddy and Mummy were ill-prepared for Sunday. Can't really blame them. I wasn't feeling too good that day so I tried telling Daddy and Mummy in the only way that I know - cry. I cried and I fussed. Even Hongzheng "Jie Jie" and Shuwen "Jie Jie" saw how cranky I was when they visited. Luckily Ye Ye and Nai Nai (actually more of Nai Nai lah ;P) were on hand to help poor Daddy and Mummy a bit. Even then, the day passed really slowly for us all...

The night of Father's day was by the climatic ending to the whole episode without the confinement nanny. My tummy was feeling funny and I couldn't sleep much. Daddy and Mummy had to feed and sayang me every 2 hours. Daddy even scolded me. So scary. Good thing we had some "ru yi" oil which Daddy and Mummy applied on my tummy. And just like the advert, my butt went "poot" "poot" "poot" and I felt so much better. They should make me the official spokesperson of this product! That said, I still couldn't sleep much. And so poor Daddy (and Mummy) got my special present for Father's day - sleepy panda eyes!

As for me, I'd better catch up on my beauty sleep before I get Daddy's panda eyes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Black, White and Red Friend

Today an aunty (you know who you are hor) asked why there were no post on the 11th or 12th. Hey come on, I was busy mah. Not easy being a newborn ok. So much to drink, so much to pee and poo, so much sleep to catch up on...

Anyway, I'm back. I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine. He's been there for me through poo and pee. He is my "caterpillar friend", as Daddy and Mummy call him.

I didn't have a good impression of him at first. Who would have a good impression of a red-faced creature staring at you in the face while you are half-naked?

But after a while, I decided to be nice to him. It's not his fault that he looks the way he does. We hit off quite well after that. Although he's not much of a talker, he listens to my every cry without much complaint. Where can you find a friend like him?

We had so much fun together, like the time we "kicked" Daddy when he was changing me. Haha. Showed him not to trifle with little babies and their red-faced sidekicks huh.

All righty then. It's time for a chit chat session with "caterpillar friend". Till then next time, cheerios.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Road to the Paediatrician

The day is 9 June 2007. Appointment with paediatrician is scheduled at 8am. Daddy and Mummy woke up at 6am to get ready for the perilous journey to Mt Alvernia.

So all went well and I was duly fed at 6.30am. Safe enough right? Think again.

At 7.30am, Daddy and Mummy made their way to the car. As they prepared to drive off, I started to feel hungry. Hey it's not my fault. I'm a growing baby mah.

So Mummy had no choice but to breastfeed me discreetly at the back of the car while Daddy again drove the car like a constipated snail. When we reached the hopsital at 7.45am, I had this incredible urge to poo. I'd have waited till we reach the clinic but then when you gotta go, you gotta go! In the car no less. See how cute I look when I'm poo-ing ;)

Clinic doesn't open till 8.30am (then why did the doctor tell Daddy and Mummy to go so early??) so Daddy decided to change my diapers. Since he's at it, I had to puke out some milk that I had trouble keeping in my tummy. So out it came (sorry). They really had a tough time changing me I tell you. But cannot really fault them lah, first-time parents bringing their newborn out on their own for the first time.
Turned out the clinic was already open for parents to register. By the time Daddy and Mummy realised that, we'd already been relegated from 2nd to 6th or 7th in line. Haha.

Doctor came late. By the time it was our turn, I got hungry again. So poor Daddy had to go and make some formula milk while the doctor was showing Mummy the correct colour of my poo. Doctor also commented that I looked like Shrek. Luckily the doctor managed to qualify that it was because of the colour of my hooded towel before Mummy could lunge at his throat. *Phew*

While waiting to pay the $80+ consultation with the paediatrician (I've now made up my mind to be a doctor when I grow up), Daddy refused to let me have the forumla milk because "the milk powder had not fully dissolved". So poor Mummy had to breastfeed me a little in the nursing room while Daddy sat outside swirling a milk bottle and watching "Nanny McPhee".

Oh yeah I really need to tell you about this strange old aunty who stared at us while Daddy was feeding me after the milk is "properly dissolved". She was just staring like we were albino golden monkeys here for a limited time only. We are not alone I tell you.

And with that, I conclude the great adventure that Daddy and Mummy will remember as "The Road to the Paediatrician". Tata for now.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sweet Home Bukit Batok

After staying an extra night (and making Daddy and Mummy pay a little extra) for my tanning session, it is finally time to go home on 5 June. The nurses decked me into a little shirt declaring that I'm a "Thomson kid" - it's not something I'd choose myself but it's still decent enough. They also gave me a huge luminous yellow bag stuff with goodies. The bag ought to be buried under an active volcano for eternity but I don't mind all the goodies though.

The trip home was as eventful as watching paint dry. Come on Daddy, you're driving your Getz like it's an overloaded 300-ton oil tanker. Floor it a little can?

And so we made it home after 30 "days". Gong Gong was waiting for us (actually I have a feeling he was only waiting for me) at our house. He gave me a huge ang pao! Cool huh. Not only do I have a nice tan with cute looks to match, I now have all the $ka-ching$ I need for all those milkshake dates with the babes!

Daddy and Mummy really outdone themselves with the room they prepared for me. 2 shades of blue with a Winnie the Pooh wall border. I also like the bedding that Mummy chose for me - Classic Pooh.

This is me enjoying my first day on my new sheets. Nice right? 1 thing troubes me though - Is Pooh a boy or a girl? Hmm...

In my next post, I'm going to tell you about the great adventure that I gave Daddy and Mummy on our very first trip out - The Road to the Paediatrician. Isaiah over and out.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Time at the Hospital


I'm now all cleaned. Feels strange to not be inside water. But hey I'm not complaining, with all the fussing over me. Shiok I tell you. I have sooo many visitors. The queue can reach JB I tell you. Haha...

Some aunties took my photo and posted it online. Aiyo, never ask for my permission how can? Luckily I love the attention, otherwise I'd get my Daddy and Mummy to scold them.

Today some nurse kidnapped me and took me away, and poked some needle into my little butt butt. Pain pain. Next time I'm not gonna let them do it so easily. Eat my poo poo missiles!!

I need to stay more night in the hospital for some serious tanning. Babes love a tanned dude you know. But dun understand why Daddy and Mummy had to stay and accompany me in the hospital, leave me alone for 1 night with the pretty nurses also cannot.

That said, I'm still looking forward to going to our new home. Ooh yeah, my own room without all the other screaming babies. Will miss the pretty nurses though ;)

'Nuff said. I'm going to take my beauty nap now. Next stop - our own houseeezzzzzz.....

A New Beginning - My Birth Story

No, this is not Star Wars. Though I'd like to think of my entry into this world as something of a force-twisting event for Daddy and Mummy.

Mummy's gynae, Dr Chua Yang had told Daddy and Mummy that I'm still rather comfortable in her tummy n shouldn't be coming out anytime soon. So, I thought I'd spring a surprise on everyone. Daddy said I'd be a Vesak Day baby, but hey, babies don't work public holidays OK.

I got a little restless on 1 June 2007 so I though might as well lah. Sure, I've had some good times in Mummy' stomach - with all the MacDonald's and KFC. But after a while, these are just too dull for me. I need the REAL world you know.

I gave Mummy some tummy-aches during the day. Silly Mummy (I didn't type this k Mum, Daddy did!) thought she had the runs. It's not until after dinner at Gong Gong n Por Por's house that she began to take me seriously. The things you have to do to get yourself heard!

Dr Chua asked Mummy to monitor the contractions that I'm giving her. To make things more exciting, I let some hind water out. Poor Daddy and Mummy had to pretend to be cool and make their way down to Thomson Medical Centre. Haha!

We reached the hospital slightly after 10pm and Mummy was checked into an observation room while Daddy registers Mummy's admission into the hospital. Thereafter, to cut a long story short, Dr Chua delivered me via c-section after Mummy went into labour for more than 8 hours (with epidural of course) - I had tried to come out by myself but I'm a tad too big for petite Mummy.

So there you have me, Isaiah Lee Yie, born on the second day of June 2007.