Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year!

Tis the season to be jolly. So FALALALALALALA ;P

It's been so long since this blog was updated, because Daddy and Mummy were kept very busy by Caitlyn and myself. Here's what happened since the last update:

1) Caitlyn got herself a G.I. Jane haircut. She looks so tough I almost decided to get a G.I. Joe haircut myself! Here's Caitie doing her obstacle course.

2) Caitlyn fell sick (actually all 4 of us fell sick) and had to use the nebuliser. Poor girl...

3) I know the names of all those close to me (i.e. Daddy, Mummy, Ye Ye, Nai Nai, Gong Gong, Por Por, Shu Shu and Yee Yee) and can identify them by name. And yes I do enjoy calling Mummy "Mummy Por Por" just to see her reaction ;)

4) We went to the fire station where I got to be the Rhino commander for the day!!

5) Por Por aranged for us to stay at Sentosa and had a ball there. While the hotel service was atrocious, all of us did manage to have some fun. See me doing one of my fav activities!

6) Too many presents can overwhelm a little boy. On X'mas day, I had to open so many presents that I told everyone present that there are "too many" (or something along this line cos Daddy is a big cheesehead). [Updated 02/01/2009: After feedback from Mummy and Yee Yee, the correct phrase should be: "Too many toys, don't want already."] Here's me and Caitie with the train/car set that Mummy grabbed at the Toys R Us warehouse sale. At just over $100, everybody agrees it is a very good buy! Oh and did I mention the yummy (but ugly) log cake we had? The headless ginger breadman was also very delicious if you ask me. Poor Caitie can only watch me eat.

To end this post, Caitie and myself would like to tell Mummy that we love her and will try not to miss her too much (she's going back to work tomorrow morning la).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo Shoot on 25 Oct 2008

Daddy is such a showoff...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Caitlyn is 2 Months Old!

Time flies. Mei Mei is now 2 months old (well, 2 months and 1 day old to be exact). She is such a little chilli padi. She is as fierce as she can be when she doesn't get what she wants, usually milk milk.

She can now smile to us when we talk to her. She even likes to play "giddy-up horsey" to a tune found in my Kindermusik CD.

Daddy is getting drowsy from the cough medication that he jst took, so less talk, more pics pls ;)

Here're pictures of us on the Singapore Flyer:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Day at Daddy's Office

Mummy brought me to Daddy's office last Friday for an event called "Bring Your Child to Work Day". I had a lot of fun running around and playing with Daddy's colleagues such as Aunty Ruby and Rainbow Jie Jie. Uncles Benson and Garry even let me play with their toy cars!
Here are the pics that Raine Jie Jie took:

A pity Mei Mei is too young to go. Otherwise, I think we'd have a blast there, and Mummy's back would really break from taking care of the 2 of us ;P

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeding Myself or Messing Around

Mummy was trying to feed me yoghurt but I'm a big boy now. I wanted to feed myself and so she let me. Not sure why her reaction is so exagerated though. What's a little mess? That's what little boys are made for right?

The End of Kindermusik Days

31st August marked the last day of my 'journey' in Kindermusik. I've been at Kindermusik for 5 terms and enjoyed each term thoroughly. One of the main reason why Kindermusik has been so enjoyable for me was because of Ms Shauna. I lurve her melodious voice and infectious enthusiasm. As she will be leaving Kindermusik, Daddy and Mummy decided it was also time for me to move on. Actually Mummy wanted to sign me up for a trial with the new teacher but as it was a module I've done before, we decided it was time to move on.

I've grown from being a non mobile baby to a crawling baby to a tottering toddler in Kindermusik and grew with the activities. I also took my first really confident running steps in Kindermusik when I saw the colourful parachute. Mummy's really sad that my Kinder days have ended and now Daddy and Mummy are going to have to think real hard how to make Sundays enjoyable for me!

I generally do not allow others outside of family members to carry me but I made one exception for Ms Shauna as I would really miss her. In fact, she carried me so well, I really did not want to return into Daddy's arms. ;P Anyway, this post is just to say a big THANK YOU to Ms Shauna for making my Kindermusik days such enjoyable ones.


Doesn't it look like Mei Mei tried to kiss me back too? I'm growing to love her more day by day

Mei Mei's 1st 6-in-1

Mei Mei is a brave gal

On 26th August, the house was a-bustling with activities early in the morning. It took us a grand total of 3 hours to get everyone ready to get out of the house. It's quite fun to see the adults hustle and bustle while Mei Mei and I took our time to enjoy our usual activities. It was off into our car and off we went. Where were we going I wondered?

As we travelled along the roads, I thought that the route Daddy was taking looked familiar... As he turned into the multi storey carpark, I was SURE of where we were.. It was the dreaded place... Sunshine Place.. the place where I got nasty jabs. Mei Mei was going to have her first today. All I can say is, I'm glad it's not me.

Mei Mei was sleeping and had to be awoken for her check and jab by Dr Chia. He commented that she wasn't very responsive but hey, trying being awoken up when one is in deep sleep! She's the smartest little thing in my eyes! Soon, it was time for Mei Mei's jab. Wat a brave gal she was - only letting out a few cries.
Mei Mei also got to drink the rotavirus liquid which I did in the past too. Daddy had to remind me about how I wasted his $95 by spitting out most of the liquid! I'm gonna teach Mei Mei a thing or two soon on how to 'press the right buttons' of Daddy and Mummy.

mummy says: i lurve e pic above.. it looks like they're conversing with their eyes..

Isaiah's bath toys

Isaiah's bath toys II

Monday, September 1, 2008

My New Bath Toys

As I am now great at making my unhappiness known and creating a fuss during bath time, Daddy decided it was time to buy me new bath toys! Mummy suggested getting foam alphabets for me so I can paste them on the walls and it would probably fascinate me.. What Mummy did not know, was that these foam alphabets would be a source of amazement to Daddy and her.. See video above for reason.. (mummy cldn't load it on this page)

It was so much fun to see Daddy and Mummy's shocked faces when I told them what each alphabet or its sound was that they took awhile to recover their senses. I love surprising them and seeing their shell shocked faces. Haha.. They thought real long and hard as to where I could have picked up this knowledge and they finally realised it was probably this toy below that Ye Ye and Nai Nai had bought me and the GUG classes that I've attended for the past 3 weeks. (Daddy and Mummy do not do alphabets with me)

Many people have been asking me if i love Mei Mei Caitlyn and the answer is YES. I bring my toys over to share with her - but I never let go of them (I'm not tt silly) - and I also would go around the house looking for her when I think of her. Can't wait for Mei Mei to grow up fast and be able to play with me!

Mei Mei is now starting to be more responsive though and not sleeping all day long as she used to do. She was real boring then! She loves to look at the FP cot mobile and would smile and 'talk' to them. She seems to prefer 'talking' to her toys then to us (mummy says: this is exactly like Isaiah when he was a tiny tot). I'm not complaining though as that means I get to be the one doing the talking.. haha

Friday, July 18, 2008

Something Nai Nai taught me: "Chao Cai" aka "Frying Veggies"


Message for Isaiah

Daddy couldn't sleep after taking a nap in the late afternoon (after Mei Mei's feeding frenzy from 1-4am). So we now intercept this blog for some personal comments by Daddy and Mummy.

Dear Isaiah Monkey

We know things have not been the same since Mei Mei came into our little world of three. We also know that you have been a really good boy so far, letting Daddy and Mummy spend time looking after little Caitlyn and resting.

Yet you continue to give us those special moments that made you a special little boy in our hearts. This post is to let you know that we love you very much. We are sure our little foursome will grow to love one another very much. Anyway, here are some cute moments that we captured during the past few days.

Sleeping with a toy in your hand:

We will also post 2 videos of you doing some things that we hope we will never forget. Enjoy these memories :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poor Mei Mei Caitlyn

Mei Mei Caitlyn came home last Saturday. However, after a check up, she's deemed to have a rather high level of jaundice.
So instead of warding her, Daddy amd Mummy opted to rent the photo-theraphy machine to use at home. Poor Mei Mei had to endure hours of discomfort in the machine, coming out for her feeds and nappy changes. FYI I've been a good boy all this while so that Daddy and Mummy can take good care of Mei Mei.

Poor little thing :(

Just wait till she recovers - her true colours will be revealed then ;P

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today is THE day

Today is THE day. The day I share my blog, the day I share my toys, the day I share Daddy and Mummy's time etc etc.

Mei Mei Caitlyn is here! She wasn't suposed to arrive until 15 Jul, but Mummy had this strange intuition that she cannot wait so the operation was pushed forward to 10 Jul. True enough, Mummy started experiencing some contractions while they were on the way to TMC.

So here she is. Feisty Caitlyn. Look at the first post on this blog, doesn't she look just like me? But Daddy can tell you that she is a SCREAMER. I sense trouble cos I wasn't a screamer when I was born and yet I was a real handful ;P

Guess this blog is going to be "abandoned" while Daddy helps Mummy with her confinement the coming month. May the force be with them :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Me and My Rides

Yesterday started horribly for Daddy. Our 1-month old car got a long and horrible scratch spanning the driver’s door and the passenger door behind… No doubt the handiwork of someone very disturbed.

What to do? Hope this is all the “injuries” the car will suffer for the rest of its lifespan with us. That is of course not including the stains, sticker marks etc that Mei Mei and I are going to give it ;P

Well, here is the post that I promised. Me and my rides. Here are the pictures of yours truly on different rides.

I really liked the Honda CRV (good taste, Daddy and Mummy tells me) the moment I set my eyes on it in the Honda showroom. Hee hee hee
And here’s a picture I really like – our little red car and our current ride side by side. It was taken when we were collecting the SCRATCHLESS Honda City (oops, I think Daddy’s eyes are welling up with tears now).

Oh did I mention that I do not really like to ride in my own little fire engine and ATV at home? Guess it’s because I still like the CRV the most. Haha!

Ok ok I shall stop now in case Daddy really breaks down :) Oh ya before I forget: Happy Birthday Por Por!