Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year!

Tis the season to be jolly. So FALALALALALALA ;P

It's been so long since this blog was updated, because Daddy and Mummy were kept very busy by Caitlyn and myself. Here's what happened since the last update:

1) Caitlyn got herself a G.I. Jane haircut. She looks so tough I almost decided to get a G.I. Joe haircut myself! Here's Caitie doing her obstacle course.

2) Caitlyn fell sick (actually all 4 of us fell sick) and had to use the nebuliser. Poor girl...

3) I know the names of all those close to me (i.e. Daddy, Mummy, Ye Ye, Nai Nai, Gong Gong, Por Por, Shu Shu and Yee Yee) and can identify them by name. And yes I do enjoy calling Mummy "Mummy Por Por" just to see her reaction ;)

4) We went to the fire station where I got to be the Rhino commander for the day!!

5) Por Por aranged for us to stay at Sentosa and had a ball there. While the hotel service was atrocious, all of us did manage to have some fun. See me doing one of my fav activities!

6) Too many presents can overwhelm a little boy. On X'mas day, I had to open so many presents that I told everyone present that there are "too many" (or something along this line cos Daddy is a big cheesehead). [Updated 02/01/2009: After feedback from Mummy and Yee Yee, the correct phrase should be: "Too many toys, don't want already."] Here's me and Caitie with the train/car set that Mummy grabbed at the Toys R Us warehouse sale. At just over $100, everybody agrees it is a very good buy! Oh and did I mention the yummy (but ugly) log cake we had? The headless ginger breadman was also very delicious if you ask me. Poor Caitie can only watch me eat.

To end this post, Caitie and myself would like to tell Mummy that we love her and will try not to miss her too much (she's going back to work tomorrow morning la).