Friday, July 18, 2008

Something Nai Nai taught me: "Chao Cai" aka "Frying Veggies"


Message for Isaiah

Daddy couldn't sleep after taking a nap in the late afternoon (after Mei Mei's feeding frenzy from 1-4am). So we now intercept this blog for some personal comments by Daddy and Mummy.

Dear Isaiah Monkey

We know things have not been the same since Mei Mei came into our little world of three. We also know that you have been a really good boy so far, letting Daddy and Mummy spend time looking after little Caitlyn and resting.

Yet you continue to give us those special moments that made you a special little boy in our hearts. This post is to let you know that we love you very much. We are sure our little foursome will grow to love one another very much. Anyway, here are some cute moments that we captured during the past few days.

Sleeping with a toy in your hand:

We will also post 2 videos of you doing some things that we hope we will never forget. Enjoy these memories :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poor Mei Mei Caitlyn

Mei Mei Caitlyn came home last Saturday. However, after a check up, she's deemed to have a rather high level of jaundice.
So instead of warding her, Daddy amd Mummy opted to rent the photo-theraphy machine to use at home. Poor Mei Mei had to endure hours of discomfort in the machine, coming out for her feeds and nappy changes. FYI I've been a good boy all this while so that Daddy and Mummy can take good care of Mei Mei.

Poor little thing :(

Just wait till she recovers - her true colours will be revealed then ;P

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today is THE day

Today is THE day. The day I share my blog, the day I share my toys, the day I share Daddy and Mummy's time etc etc.

Mei Mei Caitlyn is here! She wasn't suposed to arrive until 15 Jul, but Mummy had this strange intuition that she cannot wait so the operation was pushed forward to 10 Jul. True enough, Mummy started experiencing some contractions while they were on the way to TMC.

So here she is. Feisty Caitlyn. Look at the first post on this blog, doesn't she look just like me? But Daddy can tell you that she is a SCREAMER. I sense trouble cos I wasn't a screamer when I was born and yet I was a real handful ;P

Guess this blog is going to be "abandoned" while Daddy helps Mummy with her confinement the coming month. May the force be with them :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Me and My Rides

Yesterday started horribly for Daddy. Our 1-month old car got a long and horrible scratch spanning the driver’s door and the passenger door behind… No doubt the handiwork of someone very disturbed.

What to do? Hope this is all the “injuries” the car will suffer for the rest of its lifespan with us. That is of course not including the stains, sticker marks etc that Mei Mei and I are going to give it ;P

Well, here is the post that I promised. Me and my rides. Here are the pictures of yours truly on different rides.

I really liked the Honda CRV (good taste, Daddy and Mummy tells me) the moment I set my eyes on it in the Honda showroom. Hee hee hee
And here’s a picture I really like – our little red car and our current ride side by side. It was taken when we were collecting the SCRATCHLESS Honda City (oops, I think Daddy’s eyes are welling up with tears now).

Oh did I mention that I do not really like to ride in my own little fire engine and ATV at home? Guess it’s because I still like the CRV the most. Haha!

Ok ok I shall stop now in case Daddy really breaks down :) Oh ya before I forget: Happy Birthday Por Por!