Thursday, March 20, 2008

Play Date!

After 3 long and boring days at home, Mummy finally decided I had served my time and decided to bring me for a play date at Gymboree with Ian, Athan and Joshua. Although I was still having slight sniffles, I was definitely ready for play anytime. For those who've been concerned over my recent illness, u can be assured that I'm more than fit now. ;P

As Nai Nai was worried that Mummy would not be a fun playmate, Shu Shu kindly volunteered to come along. Great! I had much fun at Gymboree and it was good to meet up with my friends once again. Think Mummy had a good time catching up with all the Aunties too. After the hour at Gymboree, we headed off to Pacific Coffee where the adults had their drinks and the babies theirs, except for me who had my porridge.

Then I noticed Aunty Carolyn bouncing Ian vigorously up and down. That looked fun! I bounced along hinting to Mummy that I wanted a bit of that action too, but silly Mummy as always was oblivious to my hints. Hmm.. Aunty Cary, could you do that with me next time please??
It's time for my shower. By the way, today marks the day where I can count 'One, Two' and see Daddy! Yipppee!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For Daddy's Information

Remember what I blogged recently about Mummy's IPS shopping? Daddy (I think who's curious to know what Mummy spent her money on) and I have been waiting eagerly for my loots to arrive and they finally have! I spotted a big toy - the Leapfrog Learn Around Playground - and got all excited but alas, it's not mine?! It belongs to Ryan. Instead I have got the following three new toys! Yippee!

I had just awoken from a nap and I see 3 new toys placed in front of me. My choice is obvious. First toy of preference - Mummy! (Mummy forced me to write this) See below for evidence. video's taking too long to upload.. will be uploaded at another time..

Since I chose the toy bus, Mummy decided to open it for me to play with. Here's me examining my toy. As for the blur look, well, that's what one has come to expect from Little Isaiah, ain't it? In my defence, I was still drowsy. ;P

Alright, enough about my toys. Daddy and Mummy are thinking of going for a short getaway to Bintan next weekend. But they couldn't bear the thought of not bringing me along. Also, I would have kicked up a ruckus if they had even seriously considered that as it would be mighty unfair since Mei Mei Caitlyn would get to go. Given Mummy's last minute nature, she has only just submitted my application for a passport. Below are some of the photos edited by Shu Shu for my passport. Guess which was the final one chosen? Anyway, Daddy says I'll regret my folly of not taking good photos when I grow older. We'll see.

Yupz, this huge picture will be the one in my passport. Handsome eh? ;P

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Specially For Daddy

Daddy, the picture and video below were taken specially for you. These are the 2 actions I enjoy doing for the week. You know how I hate taking pictures and will definitely either look away or try to grab the camera but after hearing Mummy say these 2 were for you, I decided to cooperate for once. See how important you are to me. ;P I luff ya, Daddy!

p.s. As always, silly Mummy took the video in the wrong manner and there'll be no encore from me yet.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My First Art Piece and More

It's Monday and I'm stuck at home although Mummy's at home too. The reason? I'm ill. Guess I had too much excitement and lack of sleep last week. But well, I'm a strong boy and I'm still active and happy thus no one needs to be overly worried. It was off to Dr Ong this morning and as always, I had to cry when she used the stethescope on me. It's a cold and unfriendly thing. Dr Ong said I was a funny baby. I don't think she meant it in a nice way but well, I shall not be offended as I do always feel better after seeing her.

The diagnosis? I've caught a cold and am having a slight sore throat. According to what Dr Ong tells Mummy, I may develop a fever anytime and also start losing my appetite. Hmm, I don't think that's going to happen as I'm definitely going to sleep away this illness. Also, I cannot stand the thought of missing out on any more fun!

Well, let me tell you about the weekend that has just passed. On Saturday, I was sent off for a trial class (again). This time it was a 1.5hr long class (double the time of most classes) at Julia Gabriel. I must say this class packs the most activities so far and even has yummy snacks! There were FOUR teachers in the class. I enjoyed the story telling session, water play and music the most! I also produced my very first art piece in the class. Gong Gong was suitably impressed by my performance in class and is even willing to sponsor a term! A pity they only have weekday classes and Mummy feels it's a bit too expensive. After class, we headed for lunch and home.

Nothing much happened on Sunday. I went for the last lesson of Dream Pillow at Kindermusik. I tried to enjoy myself but it was a tad difficult as I had a blocked nose. I didn't like being a 'tuba' in Mummy's arms. It doesn't feel as secure as when Daddy carries me. I miss you Daddy. Do be the one that swings me at the next lesson ya? Oh ya, I also got my 2nd certificate from Kindermusik. I did not hesitate to make my mark on it by trying to crush it. ;P
Oh ya, talking about Daddy. Why is it that 'one, two' is taking forever? And now Mummy says it's "one, two, three, four, five, six"? Also, why aren't you in any of the photos that you've taken? I want to know how you look now!
Alrighty, time to nap again. Mummy says this is the best way to get well as she's probaby not going to be giving me medication for too long. She has this thing about medicines and it irks her to bits that I actually enjoy my meds. Haha

Ghent and Brugge

Sunday isn't exactly the most exciting day of the week here in Brussels as almost all the shops are closed. So Daddy signed for for a day tour of near cities Ghent and Brugge.
So bright and early on a Sunday morning, Daddy headed off to Ghent on a tour bus filled to the brim with tourists. It was an uneventful ride with some commentaries over the headphones along the way. Here are some pictures of Ghent:
Oh and at Ghent, Daddy went into a cathedral which has the following sign:
"How thoughtful of them to reserve the whole cathedral for tourists!" thought Daddy. And so he, together with the rest in his group, went in to take photos.
However a church person came up and told them not to take photos and that the cathedral is reserved for worshippers only. HUH? It was after a second look at the sign that Daddy understood the true meaning of the sign. Ah, the wonders of the English Language.
And then there are an exhibition on smurfs. The smurfs are 50 years old this year and UNICEF is having this competition to paint a smurf. For 10 euros, you get a HUGE smurf and get to paint it too (like the ones in the picture below on the right )! Daddy bought 2. Wonder if they are for Mei Mei Caitlyn and myself or for himself. Hmmm...
Then at Brugge, Daddy was famished. He and Aunty Ivy ordered mussels in wine sauce and flemish stew. Yum yum!
And then after that it was some sightseeing and shopping! Daddy bought some pralines there. No pictures of them but I think Daddy's drool tells it all!
I am having some bad sniffles the past few days and Mummy would be bringing me to see the doctor tomorrow. I think Daddy is very worried over at the other side of the globe. But don't worry Daddy, I'd get Mummy to report on my status first thing tomorrow ok. I'm a strong boy remember?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brussel Sprouts and Mussels

It is Saturday at Brussels now. As Daddy does not have any meetings on weekends, he is free to roam. This, he explored more of the city. Walked and walked and walked.

Some pictures of the sights in the city:

After Daddy's last post on the clothes he bought for Mei Mei Caitlyn and me, I heard some protests of him being unfair - being biased towards me. So being the ever gracious baby that I am, I allowed Daddy to buy some more things for Mei Mei. In the picture below showing Daddy's latest purchases, I have 1 polo T and 1 monkey t-shirt. Mei Mei Caitlyn, on the other hand, has 1 pink floral bandana, 1 pink beanie-type hat, 1 pair of tortoise socks, 1 pink top and 1 white bottom. All these cost Daddy more than 40 euros. *Cheap* hor?

So please do not say I am the favoured one ok. Mei Mei Caitlyn and myself are favourites in Daddy and Mummy's hearts :)

Oh yes, Daddy is going to Bruges tomorrow. Daddy - REMEMBER TO BUY SOMETHING FOR YOUR BIG BABY ;P

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Just back from dinner at Clementi with Ye Ye, Nai Nai and Mummy. I had my porridge (again) and they had their claypot chicken rice. As always, what did I have to do? Poo! It's so much fun to watch the pained expression on Mummy's face whenever I do this, especially at places with no changing area!

Alright, enough about my bowel movements. Where did I stop in my previous entry? Tuesday. So now, Wednesday was more ordinary. Mummy woke up bright and early and headed off to work. So, it was back to the ordinary routine for me. Who knows, Mummy came back in the afternoon again, and after a phone call from Gong Gong, we (Gong Gong, Nai Nai, Mummy and I) were off to Bukit Timah Plaza to do some grocery shopping. Everyone thought I would be sleeping, but nope, I kept my eyes peeled and was happy in the trolley. We bumped into Grandaunty Betty (whom I've ever met before) and she stuffed this red packet into my romper. It hurt and I made my opinion about that act known loud and clear. Red packets are not meant to be put into baby's rompers! After getting all the grocery, we headed home.

On Thursday morning, I woke up and saw Dionne jie-jie in my house. Hmmm, that was strange. I don't usually see her in the mornings do I? I kept staring at her for I was not sure if I was dreaming. It turns out that she had stayed over the night before as Mummy, Shu Shu and her were heading off to IPS (for those not in the know, it's Isetan Private Sale) bright and early in the morning. I heard Mumym bought many toys for me but I'll only get them next Wed. I can't wait!!

After they came back from IPS, Nai Nai and I joined them in the little red Getz and it was off to Vivo City. Why were we going there? Gymboree Play Gym!! Yee har! Everyone took turns to go in and play with me but Shu Shu was there throughout the hour. He's turning out to be a great playmate! I shall let the pictures do the talking.

FRIDAY. Why do I already feel exhausted? But was Mummy going to let me off given that she rarely is able to have time to spend with me? Nope. And am I going to complain? NAH.. It was off to Fidgets at Turf City where babies and children can play. Mummy had thought it would be free admission but they said she would have to pay $8 for me to enter. So she did.

We started off at the little fidgets section meant for children below 4. Well, it wasn't that much fun and I was rather apprehensive. Also, I was a tad lethargic as I had yet to have my lunch. After about an hour, Mummy decided it was time to feed me. After my lunch (this time the adults watched little Isaiah eat), Nai Nai, Mummy and Shu Shu decided to bring me to the play area meant for above 4. Mummy decided to demonstrate me how to crawl through the maze and off I went. It was great fun and my favourite part was going down the tunnel slide with Shu Shu. Did I say what a great playmate he was?

Alright, I have to go have my milk milk now to replenish for my activities tomorrow. But I think there'll only be Kinder class tomorrow as I am having a bit of a runny nose and worry wart Mummy doesn't want me to fall ill. Hey, I am game for fun and outings anytime k?

Oh ya, least I forget - Daddy, I do try to miss u a little everyday but it's getting difficult with all the activities Mummy has planned. Maybe next week, I'll miss you more. But I remember how to keep from missing you. Just count 'one, two'.. ;P

more pics coming up later.. Mummy has to set her exam papers! haha ;P

Of Make Up Classes and Gyms

There's something special about this week. I've been told over and over it's the school hols, but how does that apply to a little baby like me?? Well, I'm starting to love school hols if this is any indication what school hols are about.

Monday started off like any regular Monday with mummy heading off to work. I went about my usual activities with Nai Nai and Shu Shu. But something special happened, mummy was home early in the afternoon. Strange. Soon after, I was changed and Gong Gong had appeared at my house. What was happening? Oh ya, I had to attend a make-up Kinder class.

As I had yet to have my afternoon nap, I was drowsy and promptly fell asleep in the car a grand FIVE minutes before arriving at Tanglin Mall. Well, who said babies were unpredictable?;P Mummy feared the worst - that she had made a wasted trip but yours truly did not disappoint. I woke up upon reaching the class and enjoyed myself to the best of my ability given that the teacher was really B-O-R-I-N-G. Where's teacher Shauna? The worst part was she did not allow Gong Gong to come into the class because the class had 'all ladies and it would be inconvenient?' Hmm, wonder why since it was just playing with instruments ALL the time. We headed home after Kinder with mummy telling me about how I would have a busy Tuesday.

Tuesday comes bright and early. Mummy didn't head off to work. Instead it was hustle bustle - bathe Isaiah, feed Isaiah, 'go-to-sleep-please Isaiah, cook porridge for Isaiah - and off we went to Leisure Park with Gong Gong. Mummy had found out about a free trial at JWT kids gym from Auntie Joycelyn, and there we were headed. It was a long car ride and was i glad when we finally reached.

The gym looked promising with many toys strewn on the floor. Sampling time for little Isaiah, me. Think the little plastic human figures and bells tasted slightly better than the maracas. Class started and as usual, I enjoyed most of it. I also got to meet up with Trishelle and Gabriel but I was more interested in the bells for today. I think I loved the flying fox the most! Must get Daddy to get something like that fixed up at home. I also got to try out many different toy cars and a swing. All in all, f-u-n.

After the trial, mummy, Gong Gong and I headed off to the foodcourt where the adults had their chicken rice and me, my porridge. Of course, you could always count on me to add some spice to life and i puked out quite a bit of porridge when Gong Gong was feeding me. Off to the changing room we went.

By this time, I was drowsy and fell asleep, comfortable as a joey, carried by kangeroo Gong Gong. I was bundled into the car and it was off again to Tanglin Mall for my second Kinder make-up class. This class was much more fun and had more action but I still like teacher Shauna best!

Hmm.. I thought I would be able to tell you about my play gym at Gymboree on Thursday but think I need to head off for a nap. Will dream about Isaiah sandwiches to stop myself from missing Daddy.