Saturday, December 22, 2007

Taking Off - Airport Terminal 3

Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to the new Terminal 3 during one of Daddy’s off days while he was on reservist. So Nai Nai, Daddy, Mummy and little Isaiah packed into the little red Getz and zoomed off all the way to the east. The trip there was uneventful – zoom zoom zoom all the way.

We reached Changi Terminal 2 after slightly more than half an hour. We then took this longish thing called the skytrain to Terminal 3. That was the first time I took this contraption and I enjoyed looking out of the windows very much :)
Terminal 3 was still essentially a works-in-progress. Although the open house was on, there were renovation works here and there. A bit dusty, if you ask me. We also had to pay $1 each to explore the more restricted areas like the boarding area. Rather expensive. Good thing the proceeds go to charity. Babies go in for free so I strongly encourage all babies to go take a look. Hey I got the chance to sit on a $800 seat! See all the pictures we took ;)

After touring, we had something light to eat at Burger King – the adults ate their yummy food while I only get milk. Hmph no fair!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kindermusik Part 2

Hiya all. Do you remember my happy experience at Kindermusik in one of my earlier posts? I enjoyed it so much that Daddy and Mummy decided to enroll me in one of the modules! Yee-ha! The first class was on a Wednesday (21 Nov). It was supposed to be a make-up lesson cos Daddy and Mummy are not able to make it for one of the “normal” lessons. Daddy was the one accompanying me (and other subsequent lessons) while Mummy and Nai Nai watched from the outside. However, I was a bit apprehensive that day. You see, Daddy just took his IPPT earlier that morning. Having slacked for 2 weeks followed by another 2 weeks of flu, he huffed and puffed and he managed to pass (yippee $100 for me again!). But can he take the physical punishment that the Kindermusik instructor is going to mete out? He can pass out for all I care. Just make sure he does not drop me ok! Better wear safety helmet just in case...

Nonetheless, I was really excited. Even the “prelude” – playing with some rubber balls – made me grin from ear to ear! See my toothless grin ;D

It is just too bad that they do not allow photographs to be taken, otherwise, you’d see more toothless grins! Oh yes, and Daddy survived. Sure he was clumsy and looked lost in a room full of mummies (he was the only daddy there, you see). But the important thing was he survived. Well done Daddy! Really look forward to the classes in future. For now, I'd better catch up on my beauty sleep! Zzzzz...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Special Day For Mummy!

29 October 1981 is the day my Mummy was born. And 29 October every year is when Daddy has to crack his brains to plan something “special” for Mummy. And boy is the going tough for Daddy ;P

This year, at least he managed to keep Mummy in suspense until the very last minute (at least he thought so). What did he do? He first arranged for Mummy to go for a new hair-do at Reds at Bugis Junction. Mummy had been wanting to go for a new hairstyle you see. So Daddy took me shopping at Bugis Junction while Mummy got her hair cut. This pic shows Daddy and me at her office that morning - poor Mummy had to go to school on her Birthday!

See Mummy’s new look. Doesn’t she look great?
After the haircut, Daddy drove us all the way to Changi Village Hotel. Not for anything naughty ok, but for meal with a view. At the hotel, we went all the way up to the top floor to this restaurant called “La Cantina in Venezia”.

Wah. Look at the beautiful seaview!

The food was quite good, albeit a little too salty for Daddy and Mummy’s liking. I have a (lousy) spoon to bite on. The waitresses there are also very nice and friendly!

Wait a minute. You mean yours truly here didn’t spice things up? I did not disappoint. I decided to poop in the middle of dessert (from the looks of Daddy and Mummy’s faces, dessert didn’t taste too good anyway).
Daddy and Mummy had to scramble for the baby changing room. Alas, there were none in the newly renovated hotel. They were even told to change me in the handicap toilet! So much for quality service.

In the end Daddy and Mummy decided to change me on one of the benches in the hotel lobby. They went on with the diaper change after muttering some apologies to the diners at the Japanese restaurant nearby. And that ends the “special” series of events that Daddy tried to plan for Mummy. Haha try harder again next year Daddy.

Monday, December 3, 2007

3 little Piggies!

Yes I know it's been a long while since my blog has been updated. I already made Daddy do up the drafts. All pending my approval. I'm a busy little baby you know, so give me some time ya.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you a little video clip that Uncle Cecil did for the 3 little piggies, Kiev, Zepth and myself, in the family. I dare say he did a splendid job! I wonder when Daddy is going to do something like that hor... Maybe when I stop demanding sooo much play time from Mummy and him lah ;P

Enjoy :)