Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Massage Class

After leaving it to “fallow”, Daddy is now furiously “sowing” this blog. Ok lah, better late than never.

Daddy and Mummy brought me to a baby massage class 2 weeks ago. You know, 1 whole class of little babies. How boring can that be?! Never mind, you know I’m always there to spice things up ;)

It was ok in the beginning. I was happy. Mrs Wong (the teacher) was teaching. Daddy and Mummy were listening. *GROWL* went my tummy. Hey, didn’t Mummy feed me 2 hours ago? I wasn’t due for my feed until 1 more hour. Nonetheless, when you’re hungry, you gotta let the WHOLE WORLD know right? Besides, little Athan beside me was also fussing so wouldn’t hurt to add to the symphony of cries huh?

And so it began. I cried. Err, maybe “yelled” would be a more appropriate term. I cried even after drinking some milk. Mrs Wong had to take me from poor Daddy and Mummy to pacify me. This Mrs Wong knows magic I tell you. I mysteriously stopped crying after she put me tummy-down on her thighs. I was really stumped (Daddy and Mummy too, I’m sure). I even felt sleepy and fell asleep. I was behaving as well as baby Jake next to me! At the end of the class, I was carried out of the room fast asleep, on my tummy no less.

Daddy and Mummy went to Swensens’ to “celebrate” their little victory. Humph. Can’t wait for the next massage class ;P

Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Look what Mummy did to me! All that Shrek 3 craze and not being able to watch it has gotten to her... Ah well, as long as she's happy.

Anyway, I want to let everybody know about Starlight. He's Gong Gong and Por Por's pet poodle. Gong Gong kept telling me about Starlight all this while. "Starlight naughty" la, "where's Starlight" lah. Really aroused my curiosity.

So I went over to Gong Gong and Por Por's house 1 day, I was quite eager to meet this "Uncle" Starlight. Turns out he's this cute little doggy. Or so I thought. He's a disciplinarian alright, always barking at me whenever I fussed and cried. Tell you a secret: I think he is rather jealous of me - he kept guarding Gong Gong while he was carrying me! What does he think I am? A serial burper? See him guard my bottle steriliser.

Anyway, please do no disturb me now. I'm going to count the ang pows that I got during my first month celebration and dream of all the toys I can buy with all those $$$$!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Hiya everybody! Sorry for the long hiatus – Daddy and Mummy were too busy looking after me and were not able to update this blog. So now that they are more adept in this aspect, I thought it would be good for them to update this obscenely outdated blog.
Well I just celebrated my full month. Look at the full month cupcakes. Aren’t they simply the most adorable things? Well right after me, of course.

I went to deliver the cupcakes with Daddy and Mummy (and later Yee Yee). Actually I didn’t want to go but I was like the centrepiece so no choice lor. Yeah I'm the star of the show! As with all fans, there are some interesting ones like the aunty who raved 'bout my little feet, and the aunties who wanted to wake me up to play with them! Oh yeah, Mummy stole some of my thunder when the aunties and uncles complimented about her regaining her figure in such a short time. What's so good about that? I'm losing my comfortable waterbed faster than Daddy can eat his chicken rice!

OOOKKKK. There were many people I didn’t know at the celebration. But hey you didn’t know many people when you are only a month old right? There was this one person whom I thought looked rather familiar. What’s her name... Oh yeah cute cute “Isaiah should work out more” Claire. Guess we’ll be seeing more of each other soon huh.
Look at all these presents in our first family portrait and my "ang pow exclusive". These are but a fraction of what I got. Haha think Daddy is really jealous. Think I’ll pacify him a bit by letting him play with my new Grover (see lower left foreground of the left pic).

*Yawn*. I’m getting tired. Think I’ll go barf on Daddy first ;P