Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It has been a long 2 months. I am now 11+ months old! In no time I’d be legally allowed to consume alcohol, buy cigarettes and drive! (can you hear Daddy and Mummy's shrieks in the background?)

What have we been up to all this while? Let me give you 2 major updates:

1) Welcome home Daddy!
Daddy came home after 2 long weeks at Brussels. When I saw him at the airport, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I took sneak peeks at him while he was carrying me and giggled uncontrollably! Too bad none of the adults remembered to take pictures of that scene – they were too busy laughing at me ;)

2) My first overseas trip!
Remember Mummy posting how Shu Shu helped me edit my passport photograph? Well I got my passport and it’s around the world we go! First stop was Bintan shortly after Daddy’s return from Brussels.
Bintan was a nice place, with beautiful beaches etc. But of particular mention has to be the playpen provided by the resort (we stayed at Angsana by the way). I don’t know why but I really liked it. Daddy and Mummy were really surprised cause I didn’t really like my own playpen back home. See me happily prancing in the playpen!

We spent a really enjoyable weekend at the Bintan resort, so much so that Daddy and Mummy didn’t really want to come home! And did I mention how I charmed all the sales ladies at the Bintan ferry terminal? I'm a real cassanova! See the evidences of the good time that we had!

Some much for updates. We are going to “visit” Mei Mei Caitlyn tonight at Dr Chua’s clinic. Daddy and Mummy are trying to get me involved as much as I can so that I would be a little less jealous that I would be. Hey, I’m still the King of the house ok!

And yes, Daddy is going for his reservist tomorrow. Hopefully he’d have some free time to do the thousand and one things he planned to do, including bringing me out to play and plan my very first Birthday party!

Look out for my next post - Me and my Rides. And finally, YES MY BLOG IS GETTING SHORTER AND SHORTER. Wait till I learn to read, write and use the computer.