Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. 13March 2009. 7pm. Mummy calls Daddy, telling him that I am having a fever. FYI, Caitie had been down with the sniffles for the past few days. Daddy rushes back from the office at 7.30pm to bring Isaiah to the GP. Viral fever. 39 degrees. Clingy for the whole night.

Saturday 14 March. Brought Caitie n Isaiah to the PD. Medicines galore. Isaiah's fever goes up and down depending on when he takes his meds. Caitie was normal for most of the day (Daddy is not sure as Isaiah was clingy all day). She still refuses her meds, as usual.

Sunday 15 March. Daddy has to fly to BKK for 4 days. Isaiah n Caitie still sick. Daddy leaves the house with Isaiah in the background wailing, asking Daddy not to "take aeroplane". Daddy couldn't kiss Mummy, Isaiah and Caitie goodbye. Daddy feels like shit now but he'd like to say "Dear, Darling and Sweetie, I'll see you this coming Thur :)"

Friday the 13th. Who is Daddy to scoff at the superstitious?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Isaiah's first act of 'defiance' against a teacher

This happened in LNT.

Isaiah (being fussy): bu yao chang ge
Teacher: mei you change ge. wo men xian zai yao ting ge
Isaiah: bu yao ting
Teacher: ni bu yao ting jiu gai ze ni er duo lor
Isaiah: ni bu ya chang

haha.. the teacher was stunned silent for awhile and the rest of us burst out laffing. Our little boy is growing up so fast that he can 'talk back' to a teacher?!

Isaiah the Miser??

This post is writted by Daddy and Mummy to chronicle the start of my 'miserliness' apparently. Well, whatever. Just don't touch my money. ;P

Below are some conversations that we've had with Isaiah that underline his 'money concept'. He probably doesn't comprehend the entire meaning and most who know him can attest to the fact that 'no' and 'cannot' are 2 of his favourite words, but well, they're still really funny to us.

Conversation 1:

While Daddy's driving, Isaiah's having a fun time kicking the door.

Daddy: Isaiah, if u spoil Daddy's car, I'm going to use your money to buy a new car.
Isaiah: Cannot.
after some thinking, and throughout e rest of e trip he stops kicking the door and goes... reptitively in his usual obssessive ways..
Isaiah: Daddy dun use Isaiah money to buy new car. Daddy cannot buy new car.

Conversation 2:

this happens in Gong Gong's new car.
Gong Gong (to Mummy): ... must change the wheels cause v noisy..
Mummy: Isaiah, are the wheels noisy?
Isaiah: yes
Mummy: then can u give Gong Gong money to buy new wheels?
Isaiah: yes
Mummy stunned silent for a while.. then..
Isaiah: wheels not noisy, no need buy wheels
Mummy: ?!?!

Conversation 3:

this occurred while Daddy, Mummy and Isaiah are frolicking in bed before sleep...

Daddy: can Daddy use Isaiah's money to buy (we can't rem what we said.. may have been toy)
Isaiah : no
Mummy: then can we use Mei mei's money?
Isaiah: no
this goes on as we name all e family members
Daddy: the how? use whose money to buy?
Isaiah: keep the money
Daddy + Mummy: ???!!!???

Isaiah monkey, you sure do have a good sense of money for now! haha..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1 2 Buckle My Shoe

This is the first rhyme that I'm able to recite. See if you can make out the words.. =)

1, 2 Buckle My Shoe
3, 4 Shut the Door
5, 6 Pick up Sticks
7, 8 Lay them Straight
9, 10 A Big Fat Hen

Did you hear the words right? Hee..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kindermusik for Caitie

Mummy sent Caitie for her Kindermusik class. Just like me, she really liked the Kinder-balls! She looked like she's having so much fun that I too want to play!

Friday, January 2, 2009


I learnt how to pronounce a new word and I'm having fun with it ;P