Monday, May 31, 2010

I Love You

Isaiah: *giving mummy a hug* I hug you because I love you mummy.

Mummy melts.. this has been happening rather frequently and it just melts Mummy's heart as I have always been a Daddy's boy. Also, I have been really testy recently and this declaration just surprised her I guess.

Cut to one day at GIANT while shopping.. I was holding onto Mummy's hand and walking when I turned to face her..

Isaiah: Mummy, can I hug you?
Mummy: *great smile and a warm heart* sure, darling. *knelt to my level and hugged me*
Isaiah: Mummy, I hug you, so now you have strength to carry me.
Mummy: *comes bouncing down to reality from the sky*

haha, dun I just know how to press her buttons and get wat i want. Now Mummy is wondering if all my previous declarations of love were just smoke bombs thrown to distract her from my true motives. Haha, what do YOU think?

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Mummy received an email from Aunty Jeanelle with the picture above. That was taken with Ms Lavina at the last of our Kidsloft lesson. Ms Lavina now has a 3rd child and is taking a year off teaching hence Mei Mei won't have a chance to have lessons with her. What a pity. Ms Lavina is really good at telling stories and she would be able to get the attention of all of us, which is an amazing feat.

I enjoyed my first few terms with her. Towards the end though, I was on my Terrible 2s mission to drive everyone crazy with my contrary behaviour and would fuss and insist that I did not like Kidsloft. However, I would participate in every activity hence, Mummy called my bluff, as she always does, somehow.. Hmmm..

I will miss my friends from Kidsloft. And now Daddy and Mummy are telling me about a 'big boy school' I have to start attending from end Jun called 'Gracefields'. I am not too keen on that and even a tad nervous. I just want to go to Kindermusik and attend Ms Shauna's class. Is that too much to ask? I guess the month of July will see Mummy chronicling my going to school woes. I am so Not going to make it easy for them. haha.. BEWARE

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Snippets...

Mummy: What would you like for your birthday? IKEA kitchen set or a stay at Hotel Intercontinental?
Isaiah: IKEA kitchen set then I drive to Hotel Intercontinental to cook for Sully and Mike...
Mummy: urghz!

*ain't I the best negotiator around? anyone looking to hire one?

Caitlyn: *crying* Mummy, carry me! Mummy cannot go to work!
Mummy: Mummy must go to work so Mummy have money, buy Barney for you ok?
Caitlyn: I have Barney already.. *continues crying*

*think Mei Mei also has some of my skills? hee

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ready for NS?

Mummy could only find these 2 pictures from Daddy's FB.. This is wat we look like 1 yr on fooling ard in Shu Shu's soldier uniform! Mummy will try to upload more photos and videos if she is able to work around her school's rules of not using personal USB devices which she still thinks is s.t.r.a.n.g.e.

We'll Be Back S..o...o...n...

WOW.. the amount of cobwebs here is amazing! It's time we start clearing them I suppose. Let me see if I can get either Mummy or Daddy to be our scribe again!

Anyway, lots have changed in the year, and many fun experiences and not so fun experiences have occured. Mei mei and I have definitely grown in many ways and we are still the most challenging yet fulfilling aspect of Daddy and Mummy's lives! Mei mei is now much more fun to play and fight with as she has learnt to yell as loudly as me and to retaliate. What she doesn't realise is I AM BIGGER than her. Many a times we have to be physically pried apart to prevent any injuries, but not to worry, we still love each other a lot! If anyone attempts to "punish" either one of us, we will stand up for the other.

Many staycations have come and gone. We have also been on a cruise, to Phuket and to Genting. My favourite hotel is Hotel Intercontinental and I am always wanting to go there. My current favourite show is Monsters Inc and I keep telling Daddy and Mummy to bring me to Hotel INtercon to cook for Sully and Mike for reasons known only to myself. This wish has not been fulfilled yet as they brought me to Festive Hotel instead. Didn't they know I can't cook there?

Mei mei's favourite show is Barney, wait, Bananas, wait, Chuggington.. haha.. That's Mei Mei for you. She is very fickle minded (all girls are like that, I hear?) and she changes her mind in seconds. She's speaking more now and getting more assertive. One thing about her though is that she is a "paper tigress". She's really loud and fierce at home but once out, she is really shy. If anyone so much as looks at her, she plays dead and she would just bury her face in mummy's shoulders, chest wherever she can bury basically. She's able to speak in sentences and loves asking "why" cause she hears me ask that all the time!

My current craze is CARS. I know a Toyota from a Honda from a Mercedes and the list goes on. I even know a Toyota Altis from a Toyota Vios and the list goes on. In fact, Daddy and Mummy know less cars than I do probably due to the many trips to various car showrooms that Gong Gong has brought me to. My favourite is Mercedes Benz and I have promised to buy various cars for various people once I have the ability to. (Mummy is forcing me to write this so she can use this "against" me in future!!! E..v...i...i....l...)

Mei mei loves soft toys and she has many of them. Once she gets a new one, she would 'discard' her old one, so I am not too sure what her favourite is currently. Yup, that's Caitlyn for you.

Anyway, I have to pen off now as Mummy has to rush off for her lessons. More pics and videos coming up! ;P