Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Caitlyn Wins! (all the time)

Mei Mei may be a little small thing but she's really good at "psychological" warfare. I, on the other hand, am bigger than her, but straight so yes, she always "wins".

An example: (and happens almost EVERY trip in e car)

Isaiah is watching the cars through the windows..

Caitlyn: Gor Gor cannot see the car!
Isaiah: *instantly whining with tears* I want to see cars! Why mei mei say I cannot see car??
Caitlyn: Gor Gor cannot see car! *smirks*

**Mummy recently got really irritated and taught me to say "I have eyes, I can see, Neh Neh NI Boo Boo" , but do I? NO, I still let Caitlyn get to me! Why? Well, why does she have to say I cannot see cars when I want to? Why?!

Caitlyn: Give you elephant (when she jolly well knows i want the cat)
Isaiah: I dun want elephant, I dun want elephant!
Caitlyn: U want cat or elephant?
Isaiah: Cat
Caitlyn: *with a great big smirk* Give u elephant
Isaiah: "fusses" I dun want I dun want!

Well, Mei Mei sometimes get kicked or hit by me cause she irritates me so much! And she would start bawling, which would get ME into trouble! Hmmm, is what Daddy and Mummy says correct, she has me wrapped around her little finger? Isn't she such a "devious" lil thing?

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