Monday, July 5, 2010

Caitlyn Says "I'm Stuck"

As many of you would know by now, Mei Mei detests sitting in the car seat and will fuss most of the times unless she has some milo balls or a milk bottle stuffed in her mouth.. Well, we recently found out her take on the car seat..

As Mummy was carrying Mei Mei to the car park from the lift, the follow conversation ensued..

Mummy: We're going to sit car car nor, ok? Be a good girl.
Caitlyn: Ok, I will... Mei Mei stuck
Mummy: Huh? Why Mei Mei stuck?
Caitlyn: Because Mei Mei stuck.
Mummy: Why? Where are you stuck? *wondering if Mummy had carried her in a way that hurt her*
Caitlyn: Because Mei Mei sit car seat.
Mummy: *rolls eyes*

So there, sitting in car seat = stuck. So she dislikes it. Haha

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